NWONKNU - 350.497


  • Title: 350.497
  • Label: PZ104ORBIT
  • Cat#: PZO018
  • Country: Russia
  • Released: 08/02/2018
  • Style: Powernoise, Experimental, Wicthhouse, Alternative
The music in this album is an audial embodiment of the movement of human mind. "350.497" depicts the perception of something unknown, forthcoming and ineluctable. You fall into the abyss, and only the Sound stays your single fellow traveler. Only you know that something ruinous is to come, and only you are able to answer, will it destroy you or vice versa.

01. Elegnem (intro)
02. Verter
03. Kill Me
04. Higher is Better
05. I will Love My Suicide
06. Asphyxia
07. 270556
08. Ortha
09. SVdBT
10. Void
11. Their Blessing Was Distress (feat. Sepulchral Sun)
12. White Phosphor (feat. Sepulchral Sun)
13. Human (feat. Sepulchral Sun)
14. Unfate (Outro)

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