ТОИТ - Эти железные птицы


  • Title: Эти железные птицы
  • Label: PZ104ORBIT
  • Cat#: PZO015
  • Country: Belaeus
  • Released: 02/10/2017
  • Style: Experimental, Drone, Ambient, Noise
"Iron Birds" is a remake of the album "These Iron Birds", which was released a year earlier. The album was recorded in cooperation with poet Ekaterina Samigulina. It wasn't the first experience in parntership with poets for ТОИТ — the album with Alexander Vavilov, a poet from the Urals, was recordered in 2014. Ekaterina Samigulina, born 1988, poet, asemic artist, member of DAMTP, member of the Asemantic International. Poems that sounds in "Iron Birds" were previously published in the book "The Cow's Death" (2014), and the project itself became an extantion of the shaman experiment, became a search for a dead and simultaneously living word, an attempt to incarnate as a plant, stone, animal, to find border of human being and overcome him. Ekaterina always wanted the poems spoken aloud to act like poison, like intoxication, to plung a hearer into some terrible trance; but only one voice was not enough — it required the Sound that opens treasure house, hidden in words, turning them into an echoing well, from the bottom of which the listener can extract his secret dreams. Michael A.R.Ch. and Max СТРУП found this Sound, and the Iron Birds began their flight over the frozen soil.
The link to "The Cow's Death" and other texts by Samigulina: http://azbukaedd.wixsite.com/eksakaka/text

01. Интро
02. Эти железные птицы
03. Старая женщина
04. Костры осени
05. Бражник мёртвая голова
06. вОды
07. Кладезь
08. Костры осени II
09. Старая женщина II

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