mix-toor - Abstract


  • Title: Abstract
  • Label: PZ104ORBIT
  • Cat#: PZO002
  • Country: Russia
  • Released: 13/06/2016
  • Style: Abstract, Beats, Experimental
"I am grateful for search and compilation tracks mix-toor, the existence of which I almost do not remember anything. From the "imperfections" and tracks that could get in the next issue of release."

Cover Art: Pavel Rassolko
Mastered: Arslanov Temirlan
01. 49Cru
02. JDI FORce Knowledge
03. 135_05#unknown flower
04. Anton's Lane
05. Working with beat
06. F__k Them All (rmx cut)
07. Sinistromanual guy
08. Snow (Beat#28) (from sales)
09. Le Roi - Chitat' budem
10. Vam i ne snilos' (draft)
11. Why you ask me_
12. Model.prototype
13. Realism pt.2
14. Ready to the strom (in process)
15. Winter (Prolog)
16. Timmy way, Timmy yo!
17. When the luster fades
18. That is my name (Akcent remix)
19. Through the hard way (Beat version)

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