ShtiFt - Moscow sound producer studying different types of sound synthesis in 1996. It works in almost all areas of electronic music from "Techno" to "Heavy IDM". Published exclusively on Russian labels from 2008 (Pulsations For You, Homework and Req Recordings), although the album "Play noise" still released on English "Vorbic". Uses sequencers and trackers, the VST Instruments, modern hardways samplers (album "Iron ideas" made entirely in the "hardway") and synthesizers 80s, as well as a huge number of effect it. Add to this non-standard construction of tracks and you will understand what ShtiFt. However, listening to albums of different years you will hardly recognize the handwriting of the author. For example the album "Meditation" is more similar to the music of Jean Michel Jarre, albums "Music for color dreams", "Play noise" and "The theory of loneliness" is similar to the duo's creativity "Aurechre", and releases "For anvide 5.5" and "Black holes "in sound vaguely reminiscent of" Depeche mode "... The album «Last IDM» - well-chosen label PZ104ORBIT record of unreleased tracks, which together make up a complete spiritual music electronic nature. Today ShtiFt not engaged in music as far as it was before, which is very sad ...

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Releases:   ShtiFt - Last IDM (2016)